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We follow a strategic investment approach focused on delivering exceptional value and returns. With a strong focus on long-term partnerships and maximizing investor ROI, our investment strategy is driven by meticulous planning, risk management, and a deep understanding of the commercial real estate market.

Our Investment Thesis

Over 12,000 Potential Parcels

Our marketing efforts have already mapped out thousands of potential parcels.

Housing Shortage

Texas will continually have a housing shortage for decades to come.

Builders Want Lots Now

Home builders and developers need lots now as they prepare for 2025 build season.

Builders Can’t Hold Raw Land

Public builders are unwilling to hold land on their balance sheets while performing entitlement due to the Dodd Frank regulations.

Our Proprietary Methods

Our proprietary methods results in off-market land purchases, liquidation opportunities to landowners, and shovel-ready projects to developers.

The fund pays cash for land

We can pay cash for land as property owners feel the pain most in the up coming downturn.

To tackle high housing costs, Texas lawmakers push to build more homes

Check out The Texas Tribune article >

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Texas is Booming

According to recent data, Texas experiences a 14.6% increase in total home sales month over month, with a staggering 29,209 homes sold. This surge in sales is particularly noteworthy as it spams across all major cities in Texas.


Here's Why:

Economic Opportunities

Texas is known for its thriving job market and business-friendly environment. The state’s diverse economy spans industries like technology, energy, healthcare, and finance, providing ample job opportunities for people seeking employment or career advancement.

Affordable Cost of Living

Texas offers a relatively low cost of living compared to many other states, especially in terms of housing costs. This affordability allows residents to enjoy a high quality of life without the financial strain often associated with more expensive regions.

The Texas Advantage
- Growth & Industry -

2023 Texas State GDP is $2.35 Trillion (8th Largest Economy in World)

Hosts 54 of the Nation’s Fortune 500 Headquarters

25% of All Exports from US Soil Occur From Texas, Mainly Due to Massive Oil Reserves

Texans Dominate Industries:

  • Technology in Austin
  • Finance in Dallas
  • Energy in Houston
  • Aerospace and Agriculture spread throughout

Favorable operating environment with a 0% state income and 0% state capital gains tax.

Land for corporations and for housing is much less expensive than either of the coasts. 

Home values in Texas major cities are 4 times less than California rivals.

Texas benefits from business-friendly regulations and is a net exporter of energy resources, which keep prices low.

The Opportunity: Residential Land Development

Texas Triangle Land Fund

M&A Development Company seeks to raise $25 million to purchase and entitle raw land to sell to developers and public home builders for the high demand 2025/2026 build season.

The fund will opportunistically purchase raw land within the Texas Triangle encompassing  Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

The Texas Triangle is the 4th most populous mega region in the country and is responsible for 35% of all US job creation in since 2020!

How We Produce IRR

Raw land purchases and entitlements yields the highest returns with the lowest risk profile.

Acquire – Design – Build

  • We acquire raw land in prime locations, design a concept plan and thoroughly complete the entitlement process
  • Our pre-due dilligence process is exceptional in determining the feasibility of a projects successful outcome
  • The entitlement process is approximately 12-18 months
  • We are actively in communication with builders to work within their parameters to deliver a product they require
  • Our team of professionals have years of experience in their related field of expertise

Risk Mitigation

Investor capital downside risk is covered by:

  • Targeted Property hunting based on Home Builders Predetermined Market Criteria.
  • Thorough Rigorous Due Diligence, Pre-Contract Signing.
  • A pre-application meeting with the city to greenlight the project.
  • Several buyers identified, expressing interest in the property in Due Diligence Window.
  • Gain earnest money deposit for the sale of the property to cover our development costs at a 1.5 ratio.
  • Will not close until a path to fully develop the project has been established.
  • Changing the value of the property through zoning and entitlement use changes.

Earnest Deposits

Builders will go hard on their 20% if P-Plat pricing deposit prior to purchase. This cash can be available for our entitlement expenses.

Diversifying Portfolio

We pursue Land with an eye on optionality between buyers, price point of end-product, geographic markets, and product types.

Texas Specific Land Fund

Hunting and acquiring Texas land, an active and consistent market.

Ability to Renegotiate

During the entitlement process, while under contract we can renegotiate the pricing in the event of a market downturn.

Close or  Not to Close

Timing of closing highly managed to preserve capital and maintain risk adjusted returns.  We don’t always have to close to transact on a deal.

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